The popular lifestyle of Caravanning

One in 13 Australian households now own a caravan or camper

According to the latest figures from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, RV ownership down under is at record levels, with 679,378 recreational vehicles registered in 2018.

According to the CIAA, this equates to one in every 13 households owning a recreational vehicle, with caravans and campervans now being the fastest growing vehicle type in Australia by registration for the past eight years.

Despite some black clouds over the local RV manufacturing industry, local production remains relatively strong, with 23,070 RVs built in 2018 according to the CIAA. Local production is also up five percent, year-on-year, for the first two months of 2019.

Among the locally-built RVs, caravans remain the most popular choice, accounting for 55 per cent of overall production in 2018, while by all accounts tent trailers make up the vast majority of imported RVs.


Other major RV brands estimated to build between 400 and 950 RVs annually include Supreme, JB, Essential, Concept, Atlantic, Avida, Crusader, Lotus and Nova.

According to a CIAA consumer study of 2541 RV owners as well as non-owners, close to half of respondents indicated a ‘high’ preference for buying an Australian-made RV, compared to only nine per cent for a European-built RV and seven per cent for one built in Asia.

“The high demand for Australian made product is a testament to local manufacturing process and that consumers place a high value in quality and workmanship,” the authors of the ‘RV Consumer 2018’ report concluded.