hand tool maintaining wheel of caravan

Tips for Caravan Maintenance between Services

New Age Caravans require 10000km/Annual Services but between this period here are some preventative tips to help avoid those last minute panic situations that occur moments before you head off on your caravan holiday.

AES/Compressor Fridge: When the caravan’s fridge is not in use, it’s a good idea to wipe out the interior, dry it, and then to leave the door partially opened to prevent the occurrence of mould or smell.

Air-Conditioner: Regularly inspect the air conditioner’s filters for wasp nests which can form and if the filters clog, the air conditioner will struggle to operate especially in warm weather.

Hot Water Service (HWS) Anode: On a monthly basis inspect your anode in the hot water system. The anode is specially designed to corrode and depending on the condition of the water, this can occur rapidly or slowly.

Solar Panels: Solar panels are popular on off road caravans. If you have roof mounted solar panels they can get dirty and collect dust so regularly wipe down the panels with warm soapy water which will aid in the improvement of solar electricity creation.

Diesel Heater: For those with off road caravans, the diesel heater is a popular appliance, but bare in mind the fuel can go off over time and when travelling in tropical climates. For when the heater is not planned to be used for a long time: 1) drain all the diesel out of the tank. 2) run the heater until it runs out of fuel – it will turn off when it runs dry and won’t hurt it. 3)Plug both the fresh air inlet pipe to the burner and the exhaust pipe. (This will stop insects building nests in the pipes.)

Awning: Like Solar panels, the awning can build up with dirt and grime so wash the awning skin with warm soapy water. Leave the awning extended and only retract once clean and dry.