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Caravans featuring aluminium cladding are vulnerable to indent damage during a hail storm. Not too mention those accidents when towing such as gum tree branches and wind.
Without repair work to your caravan, the cosmetic look of your caravan and resale value is considerably affected. Most dealers will not trade your caravan if pre-existing hail damage is found.

The goods news is:
1) Most insurance companies such as Allianz, QBE, Ken Tame Youi and CIL cover insurance work on caravans, and it is a common repair process that we at New Age Adelaide can assist with.
2) New Age Caravans Adelaide have an trade qialified technicians working full-time in-house dedicated to caravan damage and repair work.

Our repair work includes (when necessary) removing the entire side/s of the caravan, removing all fittings such as windows and vents, re-sheeting with genuine quality supplied cladding matching the correct profile of your caravan and finally – replacing and industrially sealing all fixtures. Decals of the model of your caravan are also ordered and applied

Call us on 08 8317 1170 to discuss your needs or alternatively Email Us for a Quote attaching pictures of the damage to your caravan and we will advise.

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